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Poker is one of the most sought after games, and with the help of the online poker that we have to provide, you can easily gain huge wins.

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Blackjack is a classic game that has allowed people to play for huge progressive wins.

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Keno is an intimidating game to many, and with the right understanding of the game, you can easily win.

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Smartphone Gambling Apps You Should Try in 2020

Humankind has traveled a long way over the past century, with technology empowering the whole race to tackle the constant challenges. Life has surely been made a lot easier with the introduction of innovative ideas, but the people are in dire need of more air of technology to survive. Humans have evolved and adapted to the current state of things so much so that they crave more. The gambling sector is an important revenue-generating area of technological applications; the economy feeds on the industry due to this high amount of money it deals with.

The concept of gambling has shifted from casinos to mobiles and desktop screens. People have become accustomed to the practice of betting on their favorite game from the comfort of home. As more gambling websites are being developed every year, gamblers are quite likely to be confused at selecting from the long list of options. Mobile applications are the highly preferred medium of gambling for most people now. If you are searching for the best apps for your weekend adventures, here is a list of a few great smartphone gambling apps to try out in 2020.

1. Cash Storm Casino

As a new player, this decade can be highly rewarding since you receive a lot of time at home owing to the current pandemic. Not everyone prefers to head out to a night of booze; they would rather be home and stay away from social contact. Online gambling is one of the best forms of entertainment for these times, and Cash Storm Casino is the first option to run into when planning to start gambling on smartphone apps. Real casino themes are installed on this platform to transport you through the virtual experience to the splendid gaming tables. Slot games are available in plenty, with bonuses gushing out into your account. This initial earning must always be an incentive for you to choose your investment option wisely.

Cash Storm Casino

2. Slot: Hot Vegas Slot Machine Casinos and Free Games

With this app, you can play both online and offline. As you may know, online gambling is almost always dominated by slots because people love the idea of letting the reels spin over to lucky combinations. In this casino app, you are offered multiple jackpots and bonuses. One of the app’s downsides is that you cannot win real money from any of the games.

3. GSN Casino: Play Casino Games

This app is available on Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded it, you must enter all your details and make an initial deposit to get started. The American TV show Deal or No Deal has been adapted here with a few tweaks to bring a great gaming experience.


4. Huuuge Casino Slots

The most attractive feature of this casino is that you get to play with other players, offering a social experience rather than a lonely game that simply focuses on the money. All the games on this app have been designed with a Vegas template.

The Psychology of Casino and Mobile Game Design

As a newbie, you might be wondering as to how casino games work. Gambling has developed over the years, not just with technological reinforcements but also with the basic design it possesses with the tables and machines. You may struggle in the initial stages to fathom the concept of each game and its working. Every session can be a learning, and it will help you control your urge to bet more. Despite having learned all the casino games’ applications, many gamblers fail to detach themselves from the nearly unbreakable bond with the game. This happens due to the immeasurable adrenaline rush triggered by the experience. Only by learning more about the psychology of the casino and mobile game designs will you be able to extricate yourself from the whirlpool. Let us look at the details of this concept before heading to the casinos for a session of poker or slots.

Controlling Cognition

The machines and tables have the ability to induce cognitive flow within the players to keep them seated for more rounds. Every game seems more engaging after every round only because the designers know how to enthrall you and keep you invested. Multiple levels are designed for every game, with rewards at each pinch point. When every session is challenging and has an appreciable range of bonuses, the players are likely to stick to the game that provided them with a profit. The designs have been developed to offer an unmatchable gaming experience and several revenue opportunities, but you cannot reap the best benefits unless you control your impulsive bets.

Controlling Cognition

The Incentive

Regardless of the conditions the human psyche has been subjected to, it has the most primal urge to attempt a rewarding activity. People will keep betting on games if they are offered an incentive in the first round. Mobile game developers have used this psychological principle to provide the players with bonuses and other rewards that bring them back to play on the platform. Many games even have the feature of providing coins to players by posting scores or trying out other games through social media. Push notifications are meant to drive the players into more rewarding games. Retention is key to having more people enter the portal for the gaming services; the designers ensure this through every level of the game.

Simplicity is an Imperative

Being a gambler, you might know that not all games last for more than 15-20 minutes. This is because no one is interested in spending more time on a single game. Also, the players do not want to invest their emotions and time in a game that happens within the small screens. Plotlines and character arcs are the last things online gamers will be looking for. This simple setup will create the best environment for players to keep trying their luck.

2 Key Casino Gaming Industry Trends in 2020

Nothing is constant on this planet as it revolves into new technologies every year. Gambling has seen several changes over the past decade that people have now adapted to the culture of playing casino games and betting on sports from home. With every service available on your screens at a few swipes and touches away, you can have the luxury of playing your favorite game from anywhere in the world. You need to be connected to the vast network to get started with your online gambling career. As long as you have the basic equipment to gamble, everything around you complements you in your endeavor. But with the influx of innovations, people often get overwhelmed at the sight of multiple technologies.

Trends will surely keep changing with time, and it is the gamblers that need to adapt to them. Casinos moved from land to the digital screens, and the practice of gambling has evolved from a limited number of games to an extensive list. This growth has been one classic ride with plenty of trends to boast of. Let us look at some of the most crucial casino gambling industry trends in this new decade.

Online Casinos

1. Online Casinos

If you are a frequent gambler, you might be quite surprised to see this name on the list of trends because online casinos have been in the industry for around 25 years. However, it was only in the past few years that online casinos started developing huge popularity. Although great reception was recorded in the past years, the start of this new decade seems to have a higher number due to several reasons. One of the main reasons for this is pandemic. While hundreds of people remain in hospital beds to be treated for their rising and falling temperatures, gamblers and aspirants from all across the globe try their luck on these platforms. The greater influx has been recorded in the past few months due to the lockdown and curfew. The gambling industry has been growing significantly, and all of it only contributes to the economy’s stability in such unprecedented times. The transition of online casinos from a mere choice to the only option happened in 2020.

Virtual Reality

2. Virtual Reality

Most people might know of this technology and its applications. Gambling also gets enhanced with the incorporation of the gear. Although that area requires more traction, there seems to have been a better structure for the system. As more people are trying out these technologies, the demand is increasing. With this innovation, the players’ deprivation of a real experience is alleviated to a certain extent. People get to see the games they love in a different dimension. Reality is still far away, but tangibility is the last thing that needs enhancement. Everyone is expecting to see more of this technology in the coming years.

8 Helpful Tips for Playing Slot Machines in 2020

Of all the casino games, slots have the highest number of varieties and a huge reception. The theme of your choice is available in almost all online casinos these days. Everything from the classic fruits and sevens to Game of Thrones, slots incorporate themes from things you have come across at some point. It is this aspect of familiarity or everyday connections that make slots the most popular casino game. Developing strategies is important in slots because they are always random and have no way of being manipulated. Techniques shouldn’t be to cheat the system or surpass the obstacles to guarantee a win; you must gather points and tune them according to the game’s requirements. Winning at slots is never about applying strategies after the session has begun. Unlike in the other games, you have to sort it all out before taking the seat to a machine. Let us look at a few helpful tips for playing slot machines.

1. Try to Play Higher Denominations

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you must go for the slots with higher denomination bets. The higher the denomination you place on the game, the better the likelihood of you winning. Make sure to stick to a higher price for every spin so that you have a massive payback percentage.

Slot Machines

2. Bet as Much as You Can

This may seem like foolish advice because slots have a huge house edge. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that all the lines can be brought to action only by betting the maximum. Certain bets have to be placed for the slots with multiple lines to be activated. Unless you bet on all the lines, your chances to be hit by bonuses and progressive jackpots are also low.

3. Keep Away from Complications

The key to ensuring a win on slot machines is to avoid complicated games. Even with the special features and benefits, you may have only very low odds of hitting a great payout. Picking the simple slot games increases your chance of winning more with the amount you wager.

4. Check Out the Trial Version

This tip goes for every casino game, not just slots. It is always best to play a game after a few trial rounds. By testing each game, you will have a better idea of what the paid session will entail. After multiple trial games, the game’s basic structure can be built within your mind to develop strategies accordingly. Slots that aren’t interesting must be avoided so as to save money and time. If you are apathetic with a game, it is time to try a new game.

5. Not Every Loss Passes Over to a Win

As a slots player, you must know that the machines work on the basis of the RNG. Only random results are generated on the machine, meaning you shouldn’t waste time or money after every failed round in the hope of a win that you think is due.

Best New Slots to Play in 2020

The fact that slots are in huge demand and have been providing gamblers with multiple opportunities to win huge numbers over a short time is undeniable, but so is its high house edge. Not everyone got to play all the best themes available in land-based casinos, making some players more privileged than the others. Although it was mostly a first-come, first-serve gaming model, the high rollers had an advantage at the casinos. But in online casinos, the scenario is of a whole new contrast, allowing people to explore all the games available. The only confusion arising at such times is what game to select. With hundreds of games waiting to deliver their best themes, you must be well-informed about the variety offered so that you don’t get lost in the vast space of gambling. New games are being launched every year, further adding to the confusion. Let us look at some of the best slots to play in 2020.


1. Street Fighter 2

In the age where Gameboy and Xbox were the trends, Street Fighter was the king. Slots capitalized on the caliber of that game’s plot by uprooting the characters and environment to be relaunched in online casinos. NetEnt introduced this slot game with special features such as the bonus rounds, beat-the-boss, battle mode, avalanche mode, and cluster pays. The RTP of the game varies based on the character you choose for the reels. Picking Chun Li, Zangief, or Blanka will bring you more profit when you win than with the RTP of 96.02% of Ryu.

Street Fighter 2

2. Rick and Morty Megaways

Decades are marked and identified mostly by the form of art developed during those years. The recent fad is Rick and Morty, which is a hit adult cartoon on Netflix. Your favorite characters are not confined to the screens of motion graphics; they can also be manipulated to win money with Blueprint Gaming’s slot version. This game belongs to the Megaways family and has three bonus rounds to offer you massive propulsion into successful gambling. Every animation and symbol you loved on the screen will now spin on the reels to determine your luck.

3. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

Play’n Go’s new game sparks up an emotion of the past century with the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse. Such distinctive traits make this game one of the best options for your weekend slots adventures. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay comes with a wide range of bonuses and jazzy music to enhance the mood. Fruits appear on the three reels with usual mechanics to transport you to the era of classic slots games.

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

4.  Pink Elephants 2

You will meet more than just the elephants on this journey through the mountains. The adventure is with goats, numbers, and other symbols to take you into Thunderkick’s marvelous creations. RTP of the game is 96.13%, and the machine has 4096 ways to win.

How and When Do Slot Machines Payout? The Ultimate Guide

A dissent is less likely to exist about the best casino game since people have always loved the idea of winning more money from the sessions requiring fewer strategies. Although poker and blackjack have been accepted and received great reception all over the world, slots continue to amaze the gamblers with the various themes offered. These machines have been on the streets for more than a century, and they have always succeeded in offering a stress-free gaming experience.

Winnings initially used to be bubble gum and certain merchandise, but no one would try out a game for these items anymore. Money is the most attractive feature of these machines; so, the games need to stick to this basic aspect to attract people. Despite the game’s huge popularity, some players are still unaware of the working of the machines. Your chances of walking away as a winner can be improved only when you understand the payout patterns and frequency.

Slot Machines

Random Number Generator

If you need to know when and how slot machines payout, you must learn about the machines’ working. Placing a bet on the combination and hitting the button will bring you multiple results. The game is as simple as that, but the working is quite complex. RNGs are computer chips that constantly cycle through thousands of different combinations. The reels will stop only when the spin button is pressed. A payout can be guaranteed only when symbols linked to the random numbers create one eligible combination. Regulated casinos only use slot machines with RNG to ensure fair gameplay. You cannot alter the outcome of the spins because, as the name suggests, every result on the screen is totally random. Unique combinations are formed every time you trigger a spin. So, the amount or the time of payout is always based on chance and no other manipulative feature.



Also known as betting lines, these are the combinations of symbols that trigger a win. Only when the symbols are positioned in a specific way will the machine provide you with a chance to win at the game. Winning combinations on the first slot machines always had to be in a straight line. This feature may not offer the players multiple opportunities to win, leading to the development of games with numerous paylines. Additional winning methods were provided with this new setup. By checking and reviewing the paytable, you can understand the various combinations triggering massive winnings. Round 30 or up to 100 paylines are available on machines with 5 reels. If you try out the machines with 240+ paylines, you will have more than 1000 ways to win the game.

These are the two factors that determine your payout and winning chances. With slots becoming more popular with time, understanding these basic concepts will help you develop a better strategy to win consistently.

How to win and take advantage of the free spins of slot machines

Online casinos have grown into one of the most revenue-generating areas of entertainment. People from all across the globe try out the games for lucky outcomes. Everything from poker to craps has gained wide acceptance, but it is still slot machines that hold onto the list’s top position. With the reels spinning over to lucky combinations, you only need to fix your eyeballs’ focus on the motion. The game is so simple to understand and play that people have become fans of the various themes available, still seeking more. When played online, slots aren’t just about the combinations but also have to do with the bonuses and special rewards you receive at certain junctures. Free spins and bonuses can be exploited only if you know how to work the machines. Let us look at how you can win and take advantage of slot machines’ multiple rewards.

Choosing the Best Slot Machine

This is one of the most important points to be borne in mind as it is the quality and features of a game that determines the bonuses. No two slot machines can ever be the same because the RNG used in every machine is of a different build and works completely based on the randomness of the spin. Everything, including themes, symbols, and soundtracks, is different in every slot machine, making it easier for you to select the one for your gambling adventures. There are several features to look for when choosing a machine.


The Return to Player is the percentage of the money you will receive upon every bet, and it has to be the primary factor you check while skimming through the features of the game. When you have chosen the theme and features you like, enjoyment is never put into question. Players will always love the game if they are fans of the theme, but if you need the bonuses to be triggered, you will need to bet the maximum amount.

Only when you bet huge amounts will the symbols be triggered for bonuses and free spins. By studying the paytable, you can select a certain range of bets to place on the game. Once the bonuses are in your bag of fortune, a sense of contentment starts taking over. But you are at no advantage unless you use them for the best purpose. The free spins are offered to the high rollers as gifts for all the bets they have placed. In order to make the best use of them, you have to collect them and spin together after a few days. If you prefer to spin it right away, the results may be random and unfavorable. On the other hand, if you keep it for later, despite the outcome still being random, you will have a better career on the platform to apply the bonuses. The games can be made better to win more at that point in your gambling career.

Maximize Your Winnings with This Slot Machine Strategy

If you have been gambling for some time now, you might know that slots are the most popular casino game and have a high house edge. Gamblers foraying into the game are likely to meet with multiple challenges on the path to success. One of the biggest hurdles to a great victory is the house edge, which cannot be reduced or manipulated using human skills. Slot machines work with a Random Number Generator that determines the combinations appearing on the screen. You cannot beat the system to win the game; all you can do is apply proper strategies at the right time. If you are looking for some entertainment, slots can offer just what you are looking for. However, if you are cranking the lever for some money, you need to know some effective techniques. Here are some strategies that can help you maximize your winnings.

Slot Machine Strategy

1. Set a Goal

Strategies are not always passed on; they can also be developed according to the machine’s changing conditions. You must first set a goal for yourself when heading to a casino for a game. If you are there for the money, you must focus on winning from each round you play. Fun is guaranteed even when you are playing for money, but if your only goal is to be entertained, you need to have a different approach to the games. When you want all aspects of gambling, there is a high chance of you losing focus over the period. It would be best if you had a set goal, further helping you develop the right strategies.

2. Know Your Budget

Planning to play slots shouldn’t be so impulsive as to squander away money in the process. You need to start by deciding how much money you can put into gambling on the machines. Losing money isn’t the best thing to happen while gambling, but you can be subject to losses when luck doesn’t favor you. It is, therefore, important to set a budget for your game. You can ensure lower dissipation during your game when you control your emotions and urge to bet more. Once you have decided on the money to bet in casinos, you must think about the duration you plan to stay on the machines.

3. Handling the Winnings

This is one of the crucial strategies for winning a game on the slot machine. If you plan to spend your winnings from a round on the next machine, you are signing up for a risky adventure. You need to have a plan on how to handle the winnings. It isn’t just about how you spend the money, but also the way you stock it. Every aspect needs to be considered and paid attention to when setting aside your winnings for a new game.

4. Choosing a Machine

When you are playing slots, you need to select the best machine to have a fair game. You must pick a denomination, go for the benefits, choose simple and exciting themes, and avoid progressive slots.

A Complete Review of Reel Rush Slots

Reel rush slot has managed to create a base of interest among gamblers and other players who are continually revolving their world around slots. The game includes the right set of features and options that are ideal for slots and essential to players. Due to that, going ahead to play it might sound like a good idea. But how do you do it without a complete review? So go ahead and read the complete review to know more about reel rush slots.

A Simple Slot Game

By all means, one can classify Reel Rush to be a simple slot game that includes all that you want from a game of this nature. Be it RTP or free spins; you can have it all by playing this exciting game. Moreover, the many options that are a part of the process make the game a simple one when you count the rules and regulations that push it forward. Due to that, you can be assured of receiving the right gambling experience by playing this game and moving on to take things in the right direction.

Slot Game

A High RTP

RTP or Return to Player is a particular term that talks about the wagered money or bets that slot would pay back the player in the form of winnings. As a result, players often choose a slot game based on its RTP and whether or not they find it to be interesting. When you look into Reel Rush Slots and its relation with RTP, you will be left with the figure of 97.00%. Yes, that’s right. The official theoretical RTP is 97.00%, and you can believe that.

A Progressive Slot Game

We all require a progressive game, and there is no doubt about the same. Ever since their introduction, progressive slots have captured the market and pushed forward a gaming experience like never before. Due to that, we all want progressive slots, and you can find the same in Reel Rush slots. The free spin feature is another one that adds flavour to the mix by incorporating a bunch of operations that tend to make sense.

Progressive Slot Game

The Theme

The theme revolves around candy, and developer NetEnt is well aware of how and why they managed to bring the same into existence. The colourful look and overall appeal that the game sets forward is an incredible one that evaluates the things you love the most. By playing the game, you will also notice the massive influence of computer games that we once considered to be the best. Due to all that, the theme of the sport is another one that grabs your attention.

Hence, that was our review of Reel Rush slots.

A List of Casino Cheating Techniques

Despite the many rules and regulations for gambling, players tend to employ a few moves that are commonly considered to be a part of cheating techniques. These techniques try to finish the game within a particular period and complete things in a manner that can never be a part of gambling. Since professionals and other kinds of individuals play the right way, we encourage everyone to do so and follow the game’s rules. So to give you an idea of what we are talking about, here is a list of casino cheating techniques.

1. Hand Mucking

Hand mucking is probably one among the most commonly practiced methods that should never be a part of your gaming routine. The technique is quite simple for individuals well-versed in handling cards swiftly because they can get away with all they put forward. Since people practice to perform this move, casino security and the ones monitoring a particular table will always look for players who are engaging themselves in such activities.

Hand Mucking

2. False Shuffle

A false shuffle describes a particular move where you bride the dealer to shuffle a few cards by leaving out certain ones for the player who will cheat. While this issue has always been dealt with, you need to be aware of the same and ensure that it is going according to the right rules and regulations. So before choosing a table, you should look around and understand the current mood of the players and how they are putting themselves forward to the game.


3. Card Counting

Card counting stands to be legal for the most part of the process. But things change the minute a player uses a card counting device or a particular technology that enhances the entire process. So having a basic form of understanding to differentiate right or wrong in card counting is a simple requirement that goes a long way. Hence, look into ways that will help you understand things with ease.

4. Dice Slice

Dice slice is a method where players slide the dice rather than tossing them to get used to a better outcome. This manipulative move always comes under the scanner and is never missed. Since it is also a bit famous, people have become experts in completing it and taking it towards the right mark. So apart from card counting, false shuffle, and hand mucking, this is another move you need to keep in mind.

Dice Slice


These cheating techniques might hit you with a desire to try them out and take the game your way. But in reality, the outcome will not always be what you expected. Due to that, avoid getting into these techniques and follow the rules of the game.

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