A List of Casino Cheating Techniques

Despite the many rules and regulations for gambling, players tend to employ a few moves that are commonly considered to be a part of cheating techniques. These techniques try to finish the game within a particular period and complete things in a manner that can never be a part of gambling. Since professionals and other kinds of individuals play the right way, we encourage everyone to do so and follow the game’s rules. So to give you an idea of what we are talking about, here is a list of casino cheating techniques.

1. Hand Mucking

Hand mucking is probably one among the most commonly practiced methods that should never be a part of your gaming routine. The technique is quite simple for individuals well-versed in handling cards swiftly because they can get away with all they put forward. Since people practice to perform this move, casino security and the ones monitoring a particular table will always look for players who are engaging themselves in such activities.

Hand Mucking

2. False Shuffle

A false shuffle describes a particular move where you bride the dealer to shuffle a few cards by leaving out certain ones for the player who will cheat. While this issue has always been dealt with, you need to be aware of the same and ensure that it is going according to the right rules and regulations. So before choosing a table, you should look around and understand the current mood of the players and how they are putting themselves forward to the game.


3. Card Counting

Card counting stands to be legal for the most part of the process. But things change the minute a player uses a card counting device or a particular technology that enhances the entire process. So having a basic form of understanding to differentiate right or wrong in card counting is a simple requirement that goes a long way. Hence, look into ways that will help you understand things with ease.

4. Dice Slice

Dice slice is a method where players slide the dice rather than tossing them to get used to a better outcome. This manipulative move always comes under the scanner and is never missed. Since it is also a bit famous, people have become experts in completing it and taking it towards the right mark. So apart from card counting, false shuffle, and hand mucking, this is another move you need to keep in mind.

Dice Slice


These cheating techniques might hit you with a desire to try them out and take the game your way. But in reality, the outcome will not always be what you expected. Due to that, avoid getting into these techniques and follow the rules of the game.

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