Author: Georgia Salley


Smartphone Gambling Apps You Should Try in 2020

Humankind has traveled a long way over the past century, with technology empowering the whole race to tackle the constant challenges. Life has surely been made a lot easier with the introduction of innovative ideas, but the people are in dire need of more air of technology to survive. Humans have evolved and adapted to […]

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Mobile Game Design

The Psychology of Casino and Mobile Game Design

As a newbie, you might be wondering as to how casino games work. Gambling has developed over the years, not just with technological reinforcements but also with the basic design it possesses with the tables and machines. You may struggle in the initial stages to fathom the concept of each game and its working. Every […]

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Casino Gaming Industry

2 Key Casino Gaming Industry Trends in 2020

Nothing is constant on this planet as it revolves into new technologies every year. Gambling has seen several changes over the past decade that people have now adapted to the culture of playing casino games and betting on sports from home. With every service available on your screens at a few swipes and touches away, […]

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Slot Machines

8 Helpful Tips for Playing Slot Machines in 2020

Of all the casino games, slots have the highest number of varieties and a huge reception. The theme of your choice is available in almost all online casinos these days. Everything from the classic fruits and sevens to Game of Thrones, slots incorporate themes from things you have come across at some point. It is […]

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Best New Slots to Play in 2020

The fact that slots are in huge demand and have been providing gamblers with multiple opportunities to win huge numbers over a short time is undeniable, but so is its high house edge. Not everyone got to play all the best themes available in land-based casinos, making some players more privileged than the others. Although […]

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Slot Machines Payout

How and When Do Slot Machines Payout? The Ultimate Guide

A dissent is less likely to exist about the best casino game since people have always loved the idea of winning more money from the sessions requiring fewer strategies. Although poker and blackjack have been accepted and received great reception all over the world, slots continue to amaze the gamblers with the various themes offered. […]

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slot machines

How to win and take advantage of the free spins of slot machines

Online casinos have grown into one of the most revenue-generating areas of entertainment. People from all across the globe try out the games for lucky outcomes. Everything from poker to craps has gained wide acceptance, but it is still slot machines that hold onto the list’s top position. With the reels spinning over to lucky […]

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Slot Machine

Maximize Your Winnings with This Slot Machine Strategy

If you have been gambling for some time now, you might know that slots are the most popular casino game and have a high house edge. Gamblers foraying into the game are likely to meet with multiple challenges on the path to success. One of the biggest hurdles to a great victory is the house […]

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Reel Rush Slots

A Complete Review of Reel Rush Slots

Reel rush slot has managed to create a base of interest among gamblers and other players who are continually revolving their world around slots. The game includes the right set of features and options that are ideal for slots and essential to players. Due to that, going ahead to play it might sound like a […]

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A List of Casino Cheating Techniques

Despite the many rules and regulations for gambling, players tend to employ a few moves that are commonly considered to be a part of cheating techniques. These techniques try to finish the game within a particular period and complete things in a manner that can never be a part of gambling. Since professionals and other […]

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