Best New Slots to Play in 2020

The fact that slots are in huge demand and have been providing gamblers with multiple opportunities to win huge numbers over a short time is undeniable, but so is its high house edge. Not everyone got to play all the best themes available in land-based casinos, making some players more privileged than the others. Although it was mostly a first-come, first-serve gaming model, the high rollers had an advantage at the casinos. But in online casinos, the scenario is of a whole new contrast, allowing people to explore all the games available. The only confusion arising at such times is what game to select. With hundreds of games waiting to deliver their best themes, you must be well-informed about the variety offered so that you don’t get lost in the vast space of gambling. New games are being launched every year, further adding to the confusion. Let us look at some of the best slots to play in 2020.


1. Street Fighter 2

In the age where Gameboy and Xbox were the trends, Street Fighter was the king. Slots capitalized on the caliber of that game’s plot by uprooting the characters and environment to be relaunched in online casinos. NetEnt introduced this slot game with special features such as the bonus rounds, beat-the-boss, battle mode, avalanche mode, and cluster pays. The RTP of the game varies based on the character you choose for the reels. Picking Chun Li, Zangief, or Blanka will bring you more profit when you win than with the RTP of 96.02% of Ryu.

Street Fighter 2

2. Rick and Morty Megaways

Decades are marked and identified mostly by the form of art developed during those years. The recent fad is Rick and Morty, which is a hit adult cartoon on Netflix. Your favorite characters are not confined to the screens of motion graphics; they can also be manipulated to win money with Blueprint Gaming’s slot version. This game belongs to the Megaways family and has three bonus rounds to offer you massive propulsion into successful gambling. Every animation and symbol you loved on the screen will now spin on the reels to determine your luck.

3. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

Play’n Go’s new game sparks up an emotion of the past century with the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse. Such distinctive traits make this game one of the best options for your weekend slots adventures. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay comes with a wide range of bonuses and jazzy music to enhance the mood. Fruits appear on the three reels with usual mechanics to transport you to the era of classic slots games.

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

4.  Pink Elephants 2

You will meet more than just the elephants on this journey through the mountains. The adventure is with goats, numbers, and other symbols to take you into Thunderkick’s marvelous creations. RTP of the game is 96.13%, and the machine has 4096 ways to win.

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